Le Feu Lounge "Mana Lounge"

"Great atmosphere, music and crowd." - Patricia

A little out of the way from Manhattan, Le Feu is located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  If you're looking to get way from the pretentious crowd that floods into Midtown clubs, this upscale cocktail bar may be just what you're looking for.

Directions to Le Feu Lounge:
270 South 5th Street
Brooklyn, NY 

  1. Walk three blocks east (toward Central Park) 
  2. Take the downtown C train (A if it's late at night)
  3. Transfer at the Broadway/Nassau Station
  4. Get on the Brooklyn bound J, M or Z train
  5. Get off at the Marcy Ave Station
  6. Walk 1 block west on Broadway
  7. Turn right on Havemayer Rd
  8. The club will be near the corner Havemayer Rd and South 5th St