Pacha's New York club is HUGE.  The place takes up an entire four story building in Hell's Kitchen and is one of the best known clubs in the world.  Each level has its own decor and music style, ranging from rock to electronica.  Prices are steep, like $10 a beer steep, and the place can be packed in the early hours of Saturday and Sunday.  But if you want to check out the New York City club scene, this is a good place to start.  Cover charge START at $20 and can go much higher, but check the hostel's activity schedule of events as we often take people there for free.

Directions to Pacha:
618 West 46th St,
between 11th & 12th Ave.,
New York, NY

  1. Take the downtown #1 train
  2. Get off at the 50th St. Station
  3. Walk 4 blocks south on Broadway.  
  4. Turn right onto 46th St.
  5. Walk 4 blocks to 11th Ave.