Village Pourhouse

  • 982 Amsterdam Ave
  • Amsterdam at 108
  • New York, NY 10025
  • 212-979-BEER

  • This bar is a transplant from the corporate feeling bars that have grown up in the Village.  It feels like Fridays and drinks are a bit overpriced-- unless there is a special.  What redeems this bar is that they have LOTS of specials and they are usually really good (like all you can drink for a dollar good).  Specials change constantly, so it might be worth a call first or you'll be drinking a $5 Bud Light.  If you pop your head in and they tell you that there are no specials on at the moment, Lion's Head Tavern is directly across the street and bills itself as the proud home of the $2 Pabst Blue Ribbon.

    • Open everyday until 4 a.m.
    • Accepts credit cards ($10 minimum)
    • Best deal: If you take a cab (from anywhere) to visit the new spot, they'll match your cab fare in the form of a bar tab. For instance, if you want out of the Lower East Side on a Saturday night, but can't fathom spending $20 bucks on a cab up to the Upper West Side, just direct the cabby to Amsterdam between 108th and 109th, ask for a receipt, and the bartender will start your tab with a credit for the same amount as your fare. Genius.  ($25 max and you must have a credit card)